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Technology Agnostic: Providing Flexible Solutions for your Business.

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Forging Solutions That Work for McAllen Businesses

Modern business communications including copiers, copier service and IT support. Technology for the mobile work force.

Copiers & Equipment

Copiers, HP printers, and copier service in McAllen that manages documents and allows your staff to print on the move from any location.

Document Management

Move documents and data for your clients and secure them safely. Document management solutions for your copiers and printers.

Modernizing How Business Is Done In McAllen, Texas

Technology and copiers are ever-changing and growing. Nowhere is that more apparent than in today’s business environment. Forged Technology Solutions (FTS) understands that you have choices when it comes to an IT support and copier service provider. For that reason, we stay at the forefront of technology by keeping our finger on the pulse of the IT support industry. We work hard daily to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations, growing the reputation and relationships we have built.

Copiers & Equipment

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Copiers and printers are critically important for office staff to move information effectively. They provide a hassle-free, and secure way of keeping records and making communications smooth. To keep your copiers operating smoothly, it’s critical to keep up with routine copier service and maintenance. Unfortunately, when you don’t have a contract with a copier service and repair company, you may be looking at expensive maintenance costs.

Your staff works and operates in an increasingly mobile and cloud-first business environment. Because of that, your managed print services need to move and adapt to a constantly changing technological space. The IT support teams you depend on for constant up-time must rely on dependable copier service providers for the HP printers and copiers McAllen businesses need to get the job done. No matter what type of print infrastructure you operate in, we have a copier service and print management solution that will align with your unique needs.

Print Management


Network Management

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Business today needs to make sure that customer data and documents are secure and easily recoverable in case of a disaster or unforeseen situations. Taking the steps to establish a business continuity plan can be stressful and take away from the primary goals of the office staff. That is why you can depend on our IT support experts in McAllen, TX to see that your network data is secure, backed up, and fully recoverable if something unexpected should happen. We specialize in network security and monitoring, IT support, infrastructure management, and cloud integration.

FTS strives to give our customers premium hardware solutions as well as other IT services.  The industry today offers a wide variety of brands and products so that each company looking to develop its network security can do so with a customized build that is best for their needs. Because all of the available network products including servers, copiers, workstations, storage options, and desktops can be so massive, it’s good to have an IT support partner that will help you navigate them all successfully.

FTS will make recommendations based on your needs that will be able to scale with your business in the future.

Network Products

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Unified Communications

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Forged is more than just a copier service provider. With new technologies come new and more efficient ways to do business. The workforce today is on the move and different clients have different ways they like to communicate. The business world is mobile and constantly on the move. The majority of offices and their staff today work in one way or another from the cloud.

Forged specializes in unified communications as a Service (UCaaS). This is a cloud-based solution that brings seamless communication and integrates an office’s copiers and business phone systems like desktop phones, staff mobile phones, and office desktop computers.