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Samsung Printing Solutions: Higher, Faster  and Stronger

Samsung Printing Solutions: Higher, Faster and Stronger

Samsung Printing Solutions: Higher, Faster  and Stronger

Originating in ancient Greece, the Olympic Games has always aimed to bring together the known world’s finest competitors. As far back as the 8th Century BC, runners, wrestlers, chariot riders, javelin throwers and more fought for the right to be called Olympic champion.

The modern Summer Olympics came into being in 1896, and now constitutes the world’s most popular sporting event. Every four years, the event brings together thousands of dedicated hopefuls from around the world to compete in dozens of events. The athletes’ dedication to excellence is embodied in the Olympic motto “Citius, Altius, Fortius” – “faster, higher, stronger.”

In business as in athletics, only the most very best competitors can take a place on the podium. For Samsung Printing Solutions, the ideals behind the Olympic motto ring especially true. Creating products and solutions that perform faster, are higher in quality and stronger than the rest helps keep Samsung ahead of the chasing pack.

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Samsung Printing on Youtube

Samsung Printing on Youtube

[About Samsung Printing Solutions] Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. is opening possibilities and creating new opportunities for success in the rapidly changing business environment. Since 1982, our printing business, Samsung Printing Solutions, has been exploring and delivering digital revolution to the printing industry with solutions that transform workplaces into smart offices. Today, as a leader in smart office innovation, we continue to provide smart, fast and reliable printing devices and solutions based on cutting-edge technologies.

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