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Samsung Printing Solutions: Higher, Faster  and Stronger

Samsung Printing Solutions: Higher, Faster and Stronger

Samsung Printing Solutions: Higher, Faster  and Stronger

Originating in ancient Greece, the Olympic Games has always aimed to bring together the known world’s finest competitors. As far back as the 8th Century BC, runners, wrestlers, chariot riders, javelin throwers and more fought for the right to be called Olympic champion.

The modern Summer Olympics came into being in 1896, and now constitutes the world’s most popular sporting event. Every four years, the event brings together thousands of dedicated hopefuls from around the world to compete in dozens of events. The athletes’ dedication to excellence is embodied in the Olympic motto “Citius, Altius, Fortius” – “faster, higher, stronger.”

In business as in athletics, only the most very best competitors can take a place on the podium. For Samsung Printing Solutions, the ideals behind the Olympic motto ring especially true. Creating products and solutions that perform faster, are higher in quality and stronger than the rest helps keep Samsung ahead of the chasing pack.

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Samsung: Printing Customization

Samsung: Printing Customization

Samsung: Printing Customization

Most modern electronic devices have settings menus that allow you to operate in any major language of your choice. But what happens when an organization that operates in a language spoken by only 125,000 people needs sophisticated printing solutions? And what if important command terms such as “quick start” do not even exist in that language?

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In scenarios like this, organizations need a printing partner that specializes in flexibility, as well as hardware that allows for wide-reaching customization possibilities.

Samsung Printing Solutions’ MultiXpress MX7 printers are equipped with independent functions, and an eXtensible open architecture (XOA) platform for personalized printing settings, as well as UI personalization with My Page.

It Smart UX Center also offers a range of tools suited to solving complex problems such as those facing Te Wananga o Aotearoa (TWoA) – one of New Zealand’s leading custodians of the te Reo Māori language.

Importance of Social Media For Business

Importance of Social Media For Business

Importance of Social Media For Business

So you want to start a new business? You have . You have enthusiastically signed up for one of the many quick site builders available. You start a Facebook page, a Twitter and Instagram account as well. Slowly that enthusiasm starts to die and you realize that you are neither a designer nor a social media expert…. not even a novice.

Or maybe, you can get your site up and running but your posts are unseen and there is little to no customer interaction.

You are not alone! Most entrepreneurs have encountered this same issue.  Unless you are prepared to work the field of media, design or are marketing orientated; chances are you don’t know where to begin.

This is when you realize that you need to outsource your web presence management and branding strategy to someone professional and knowledgeable about services like:  SEO, Google Analytics and Blogging. The goal here is to turn your views in to revenue, right?


Here at FTS, we conducted a survey in which we asked a random panel of customers and business owners why they interact with businesses on social media and have assembled the top 4 responses for your convenience:

  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Track Progress
  • Brand Loyalty
  • Community Support

Social Media accounts are very beneficial if utilized properly.  This form of advertising for your business, hugely outweighs the cost it takes to get your social pipeline streaming and growing your business ideas with profitable results.

In order for your business to be successful in today’s market you need 24/7 social media interaction.

Having someone in your corner to assure proper data collection and strategy execution will undoubtedly take your business ideas to the next level.

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Samsung: Powerful MFP’s

Samsung: Powerful MFP’s

Samsung: Powerful MFP’s

Samsung’s Galaxy Note7 boasts outstanding media and document handling. For even more media and data management options, look no further than Samsung’s powerful range of MFPs.


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Lenovo Think Station Review

Lenovo Think Station Review

Lenovo Think Station Review:

The first thing we do when we unpack a new laptop is open the lid and take a deep sniff to rate the smell. Not really, but it’s some criteria we’re thinking of adding to our reviews. The good news on this? The P70 doesn’t stink. If it has any smell atthinkstation all, it would be that of POWER. Lenovo is not skimping here folks. As a matter of fact, this is Lenovo’s first mobile laptop featuring the Intel Xeon (Skylake) processor, and the first 17″ workstation from Lenovo in, let’s see, FIVE YEARS. The W7XX series was its predecessor–remember the integrated Wacom digitizer and the 10.6″ secondary slide-out screen? Well, you won’t see those on the P70, but you can be sure Lenovo has packed the max amount of updated hardware, shaved off a little weight and boosted battery power.

When you buy this laptop, you’ll be tossing in your bag 7.5+ pounds of matte-black chassis wrapped storage drives, ports and processors strapped into a magnesium frame with stiff steel hinges that hold the 4K UHD (or FHD) IPS screen. It’s signature Lenovo Brutalist design (that honestly, we love) rugged, minimal and edgy while offering an independent individualism that screams, “I will take over the entire surface of this desktop with this laptop and you will like it.”

It has better battery life than other large laptops we’ve tested–8.5 hours max (per the spec sheet) and 2.5 hours with our regular use test. This, with attention to weight and port locations, makes it magnificent for being more mobile between office and shop, plus you’ll have the screen size to show half the people on the airplane what you’re working on/watching.

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How To: Build Apps For Samsung

How To: Build Apps For Samsung

Samsung Printing Solutions Unveils Guide to Developing and Launching Apps for the Smart UX Center


How Printing Fuels Creativity

How Printing Fuels Creativity

Samsung’s MX7 line of MFPs include a 2,250-sheet booklet finisher and a 3,250-sheet high-volume finisher, which automatically staples up to 65 sheets. The MX7 models help keep documents such as books, screenplays and reports organized while printing. After all, nothing can be more frustrating than disorder when it comes to big print jobs.

As publishers are often not compensated until after their work has been purchased or published, cost-efficiency is a high priority for anyone in this industry. Fortunately, Samsung MFPs offer best-in-class figures for maximum monthly duty, resulting in high-durability and reduced overheads.

Get Creative, Get Printing

Although you do not have to be a creative professional to get the most out of Samsung Printing Solutions, many in the industry agree that Samsung services and MFPs meet their requirements to a tee. And with printing solutions that adapt to meet your company’s precise needs, there has never been a better time to exercise your creativity.160711_Blog_How-Printing-Fuels-Creativity_4