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SEO & Social Media Ranking Made Simple

SEO & Social Media Ranking Made Simple

SEO & Social Media Ranking Made Simple

So, there are a lot of conversations about what the whole internet sharing-on-social-media and SEO and rankings etc…And it can cause a lot of pressure for anyone trying to promote anything. This article will give you some insight on how you can build, find and grow online support organically to raise your rankings across internet search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo using social media.

The first thing to mention is that search engines  DO NOT collect data on likes, views or comments – search engines only collect data on shares.

This is how social rankings are generated:

Say John shares a post on Facebook from Forged Technology Solutions; Google logs the post as important since John felt it necessary to share the post with family and friends.  John’s share gets added to the log for Forged Technology Solutions. This action means Google will find Forged Technology Solutions faster in a search results due to that share. The more people who share Forged Technology Solutions post, the higher the rank in search engines; which ultimately is who will be promoting your business/post.

That is how increase SEO using social media.

Now you are left with “How do I get people to share my content?!”

There are a few things you can do to get online communities to support your post and pages to be shared.

  1. Choose Social Media Outlet: with the array of choices online, diligent research about which social media outlet works best for your business growth strategy.
  2. Create engaging content – it is crucial that  you have shareable content supporters consider what their online community thinks before sharing on social on media and they share post when they feel comfortable discussing content your site.
  3. Educate Immediate Network: Get to know your physical demographic and fins social sharing partners. By networking with other companies and organizations and explaining how social media shares affect business growth while guiding your social pipeline.
  4. Interaction: users like to be a part of something greater, interacting in post discussions with users who support your content create a sense of belonging and empowerment.
  5. Ask them to share – request shares other users on your networks by learning the language of your demographic so they trust your content and business if safe enough to share.

So, in a nut shell: Build, Network & Share!

You have officially been armed to educate your online network, grow your business and raise your ranking in search engines.

Try these out for your next project and let #FTS know what strategies you’re interested in learning about!
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Forging Solutions That Work.

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