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Lenovo Think Station Review

Lenovo Think Station Review

Lenovo Think Station Review:

The first thing we do when we unpack a new laptop is open the lid and take a deep sniff to rate the smell. Not really, but it’s some criteria we’re thinking of adding to our reviews. The good news on this? The P70 doesn’t stink. If it has any smell atthinkstation all, it would be that of POWER. Lenovo is not skimping here folks. As a matter of fact, this is Lenovo’s first mobile laptop featuring the Intel Xeon (Skylake) processor, and the first 17″ workstation from Lenovo in, let’s see, FIVE YEARS. The W7XX series was its predecessor–remember the integrated Wacom digitizer and the 10.6″ secondary slide-out screen? Well, you won’t see those on the P70, but you can be sure Lenovo has packed the max amount of updated hardware, shaved off a little weight and boosted battery power.

When you buy this laptop, you’ll be tossing in your bag 7.5+ pounds of matte-black chassis wrapped storage drives, ports and processors strapped into a magnesium frame with stiff steel hinges that hold the 4K UHD (or FHD) IPS screen. It’s signature Lenovo Brutalist design (that honestly, we love) rugged, minimal and edgy while offering an independent individualism that screams, “I will take over the entire surface of this desktop with this laptop and you will like it.”

It has better battery life than other large laptops we’ve tested–8.5 hours max (per the spec sheet) and 2.5 hours with our regular use test. This, with attention to weight and port locations, makes it magnificent for being more mobile between office and shop, plus you’ll have the screen size to show half the people on the airplane what you’re working on/watching.

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