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Forged-Email Encryption

Why Do You Need Email Encryption?

Many people are often shocked to learn that Internet-based email message text and attachments are sent ‘in the clear’ across the Internet. This means that the content of an email is not just between you and the intended recipient. The content is potentially visible to others as your email traverses the Internet, including unethical digital denizens and criminals.

Email Encryption as a Service

The scary news: anyone with high school-level hacking skills can find and use network ‘sniffing’ applications to scrape the text from your emails. But, there is some good news: with email encryption tools you have the power to help protect your company data from prying eyes.


If anyone in your organization is using email to transmit PHI (Protected Health Information) that is protected by HIPAA, Social Security numbers, other personal data that is protected by federal or state privacy laws, credit card data or other sensitive financial data, you should seriously consider the protection offered by email encryption.

Email encryption from Forged Technology Solutions enables both administrators and end users to tag outbound email for encryption at the email gateway. Encrypted emails can be sent from a desktop email client, webmail or mobile device. The custom text encryption policies of your organization can be applied to the content of messages sent by all users in your organization.

How the Service Works

For each encrypted email, your unique instance of email encryption automatically generates an encryption key. The encrypted message is then securely sent to the recipient within a web-based secure portal. At the same time, the recipient will receive a short email indicating that an encrypted email is ready for reading. The recipient then accesses their secure portal to read the message, with the option to print, store, file it in the portal or simply reply to the sender and any of the other recipients.

Automatic Policy-based Encryption Management

Specific text encryption policies can be assigned to all users in your email domain to automatically encrypt emails based on the content in the message. Most attachment formats (including Word® documents, Excel® files, PowerPoint® files and PDF files with readable text) are also encrypted automatically.


The email encryption service integrates with Forged-hosted Microsoft® Exchange®. Forged administers users, keys and configurations through a managed hosted encryption service.

Email encryption functions performed by Forged:

•     Host and manage user encryption keys
•     Encrypt and decrypt messages
•     Troubleshoot and resolve supported issues
•     End user password resets, through their personal email encryption portal

Manual Email Encryption Activation

Aside from organization-wide policy, email encryption enables end users to tag individual outbound emails for encryption. This is accomplished by inserting a force phrase in the subject line or text of the email, or in attachments.

Forged Email Encryption Solutions

Helps protect company and customer data
  • May help to improve compliance with industry and government regulations including HIPAA, FINRA, SOX, GLBA, PCI and numerous state privacy laws
  • May help to protect against accidental distribution of protected information via email
Automatic policy-based encryption across your enterprise
  • Policies established at the AD (Active Directory) level
  • Policies can include words, phrases, text patterns
Rapidly enroll and train users
  • Streamlined setup is easy for employees and IT
  • Training can be completed in less than 15 minutes
Works with cloud-based or in-house email servers
  • The encryption service integrates with Forged Hosted Exchange or your existing local email server
24/7/365 support from our US-based help desk
  • Encryption experts provide support when you need it