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Importance of Social Media For Business

Importance of Social Media For Business

Importance of Social Media For Business

So you want to start a new business? You have . You have enthusiastically signed up for one of the many quick site builders available. You start a Facebook page, a Twitter and Instagram account as well. Slowly that enthusiasm starts to die and you realize that you are neither a designer nor a social media expert…. not even a novice.

Or maybe, you can get your site up and running but your posts are unseen and there is little to no customer interaction.

You are not alone! Most entrepreneurs have encountered this same issue.  Unless you are prepared to work the field of media, design or are marketing orientated; chances are you don’t know where to begin.

This is when you realize that you need to outsource your web presence management and branding strategy to someone professional and knowledgeable about services like:  SEO, Google Analytics and Blogging. The goal here is to turn your views in to revenue, right?


Here at FTS, we conducted a survey in which we asked a random panel of customers and business owners why they interact with businesses on social media and have assembled the top 4 responses for your convenience:

  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Track Progress
  • Brand Loyalty
  • Community Support

Social Media accounts are very beneficial if utilized properly.  This form of advertising for your business, hugely outweighs the cost it takes to get your social pipeline streaming and growing your business ideas with profitable results.

In order for your business to be successful in today’s market you need 24/7 social media interaction.

Having someone in your corner to assure proper data collection and strategy execution will undoubtedly take your business ideas to the next level.

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