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Today, businesses are technology-dependent for almost every chore, whether it’s using email to communicate, the Internet for research or a copier to scan a document into the network. Replacing desktop printers with network-connectable products (while managing and maintaining that network) has dramatically improved employee efficiency and significantly lowered the cost of document output and network maintenance. And with features like faxing and scan to desktop, these products do a lot more than just provide copies.

Forged Technology Solutions and its owner, Mitch Killion, have always understood that service is an integral part of ownership. Indeed, service is more critical than the product itself in many cases. Therefore, we consistently invest in quality people, state-of-the-art systems and customer-friendly programs to ensure our products maintain “high availability” to your users. Our network engineers and sales force are trained not only on our products and networking but also to understand your environment. We provide a cost-efficient tool that you’ll view as a better solution.

In this ever-changing world of business, FTS is committed to keeping your business and our clients the TOP priority!

What more can Forged Technology Solutions offer?

24/7 Live Help Desk, Proactive Solutions Managed

Proactivity and innovation are key components to a tech-driven business. Do you have a handle on technology? Is everything running as efficiently as possible? Can new technology save you money and time? Let Forged help you with your Managed IT Service Needs.

          • Comprehensive IT Services

          • Security

          • Disaster Recovery & Backup

          • Telecommunications

          • Cloud Services

          • Consulting & Project Services

One Provider, One Source PRINT MANAGEMENT

Let us take the guesswork and frustration out of managing your existing printer fleet. With our strategic approach to managed print, you get precisely WHAT you need WHEN you need it. Our managed print specialists can help you select the right plan and products to fit your business.

          • Print Assessment Recommendation

          • Print Fleet Optimization

          • Remote Monitoring Management

          • Automatic Supplies Fulfillment

          • And So Much More!

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Have Questions?

What benefit do I get from your Live Help Desk?

Unlimited 24/7 live help desk support provides immediate assistance and issue resolution with fast on-site support for all technical issues that can’t be resolved remotely.

Do you offer Proactive Solutions?

Forged offers the best strategic consulting, around the clock network monitoring and cloud based tools & technologies to keep your organization running smoothly.

Can the services you offer grow as I go?

Forged Technology Solutions offers Enterprise class services that are comprehensive, simple to understand, predictably affordable and scalable to fit any sized business.

How can I save Money by converting to new technology?

In the digital world, having a comprehensive IT plan is vital. In order for companies to feel confident in their IT strategies, they must have all the necessary data to make informed decisions. Businesses large and small can find many benefits in taking advantage of managed IT services.

Excellent Security
Having a team of IT professionals managing technical needs means reduced risk and secure connection. Errors and unforeseen problems can quickly and efficiently be dealt with. Additionally, these IT services are proactive about preventative care with regular maintenance.

Resource Planning
With excellent resources and tools for collecting data on client’s database and file system space, clients can feel confident in their evaluation on their usage. This means they can make intelligent and supported decisions about their future space needs.

Customized Infrastructure
Managed IT services ensure that a plan is set in place that is specific and supportive for each individual business. This includes a certain amount of available customization. Settings can be put in place to alert when errors occur and more.

Patch Management
It’s easy for IT staff to overlook patch management when they get bogged down with other maintenance tasks. Managed IT services, however, ensure that patches remain up to date consistently.

It’s important that companies feel secure in their IT services plan. With managed IT services, businesses will be equipped with the tools and resources to make educated decisions and get the most out of their office technology.